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AVT Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Introduction to the AVT series Rotary Vacuum Pump

AVT series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of reliable, durable, economic and applicable range of vacuum equipment. In the circular pump body, it has an air suction valve and exhaust valve (stator).

Thee vanes are equipped with an eccentric rotor slot in the rotor, the vane blades divided the pump chamber into three parts. The volume of the pump chamber keep changing periodically as the rotation of the rotor to finish the process of gas suction, compression and elimination, so that the suction the gas/air from the inlet hole.

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Description of Use

The vacuum pump is intended for the suction of air and other dry,non-aggressive ,non-toxic and non-explosive gases. Conveying media with a higher density than air leads to an increased thermal and mechanical load on the vacuum pump and is permissible only after prior consultation. Permissible temperature range of the inlet gas: see ”Oil”,”Ambient temperature range” In case the vacuum pump is equipped with a gas ballast (optional) water vapor within the gas flow can be tolerated within certain limits. The conveyance of other vapors shall be agreed upon. The vacuum pump is intended for the placement in a non-potentially explosive environment. Version with float valve (j) and oil return line; The vacuum pump is thermally suitable for continuous operation. Version with oil return valve (h); The vacuum pump is thermally suitable for continuous operation. The vacuum pump is ultimate pressure proof.

Principle of of Operation

The vacuum pump works on the rotating vane principle. A circular rotor(s) is positioned centrally on the shaft of the vacuum pump. The shaft of the vacuum pump is driven by the drive motor shaft by means of a flexible coupling. The rotor (s) is rotates in an also circular, fixed cylinder (t),the center line of which is offset from the center line of the rotor such that the rotor and the inner wall of the cylinder almost touch along a line. Vanes(f),sliding in slots in the rotor, separate the space between the rotor and the cylinder into chambers. At any time gas is sucked in and at almost any time ejected.Therefore the vacuum pump works almost pulsation free. In order to avoid the suction of solids, the vacuum pump is equipped with a screen in the suction connection.In order to avoid reverse rotation after switching off, the vacuum pump is equipped with a Non-return valve. Note: This valve shall not be used as a non-return valve or shut-off valve to the vacuum system and is no reliable means to prevent suction of oil into the vacuum system while the vacuum pump is shut down. In case the vacuum pump is equipped with a gas ballast (optional): Through the gas ballast valve a small amount of ambient air is sucked into the pump chamber and compressed together with the process gas. This counteracts the accumulation of condensates from the process gas inside the vacuum pump. The gas ballast line is equipped with a paper filter. Gas ballast version with ball valve; The gas ballast line can be closed partially or completely by means of a ball valve. In order to improve the operating characteristics the outlet of the pump chamber is equipped with a spring loaded valve (q).


High ultimate vacuum degree, less than 0.5 mbar
High pumping speed
Low operating noise, less than 66 dB(A)
Good capability of pumping or eliminating water vapor
When the inlet pressure 1.33 x 103 Pa, it still can work continuously
Environmental-friendly; Equipped with oil mist eliminator can remove 99.99% of the exhaust gas oil
Compact structure; scientific and reasonable design; convenient Installation


Technical data :

Operating principle

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